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A couple of months, ago, I went into Rochester to tape a segment of Carol White Llewellyn’s fun interview show, Conversations With Creatives. Carol is a colleague of mine, a wonderful creative herself, and one of the nicest women you’ll ever know.

So it all felt very comfortable (if not a bit chilly — the studio was cool and the weather outside arctic), sitting with her in the RCTV studio, working with her crew, and having a chance to talk about writing, publishing, the background of What You Don’t Know Now, and all the things that publishing a book now involves.

You can check out segments of her show here .

(I think I did a great job. But I struggled with stopping myself from being hyper-critical of Me. It’s not easy to watch yourself on TV. You see things like: “I never realized my bottom teeth show so much when I talk” and “Why did I sit that way?”… and other picky, hurt-y  things we do to ourselves.)

I had to remember that some of my favorite actresses have said in interviews that they hate watching themselves on screen for the very same reasons.

I had fun doing this interview! Carol is an excellent director, producer. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share things about writing, about the story, and what it took to get here.

Got comments? I’d love to hear them. Have you ever done an interview on TV? What did you think? Fun or torture?

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